Bringing The WORLD To Lombok

About The Festival

  • Based on resources of thoughts and principals that music IS a common language.
  • An element, which is easy to understand by everyone.
  • Music and rhythm gives people positive energy and is very entertaining.
  • Welcome visitors from all over the world with World Class artists from Indonesia, Asia and USA to enjoy the warmth hospitality of Lombok.
  • Event Live streaming provides massive exposure to Lombok
  • In short, a well- organized event by a professional production team is what it takes to provide the WOW! factor suitable for an international Jazz festival showcase.

Vision, Mission & Objectives


  • A concept specially created to bring the world to Lombok
  • Strategy: To provide Lombok with Total Global Exposure with Event Tourism And Live Streaming


“CSR" (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Our priority is to create an existence of corporation between organizers-sponsors-community. Your involvement will be seen as genuine and caring towards community of Lombok. This in return, creates your position as part of a long-term major social building platform in Nusa Tenggara Barat. The positive contributions to local community are:
  • Charity to orphanage
  • Charity for old folks’ homes
  • Education support
  • Places for congregational worship (Mosques, Pura, Church)


  • Create awareness and appreciation towards live jazz music performance
  • Declare that Lombok is to become an official venue for annual international live jazz event; an international tourism calendar.
  • Provide the local community, foreign visitors and music lovers with high quality entertainment that is creative and of international standard

Theme And Concept





The venue is set at Taman Sangkareang, which is a park in the center of Mataram, the administrative and business center of Lombok. Besides the features of live jazz music entertainment, the agenda highlights also traditional Sasak parades, booth/stalls, workshop and games that provide tourist attractions, which support the character of this event. Thus, creating a mini Lombok within the festival venue.


  • Display Lombok traditions
  • Live Performance of music, songs and dance
  • Creative Collaboration between jazz rhythms and traditional Sasak music
  • Music Workshop by local and international musicians
  • Culinary Workshops that feature Lombok culinary (hands on)
  • Handicraft Workshop traditional Lombok art of making clay pottery (hands on)
  • Weaving Workshop making Lombok textile (hands on)
  • Parade of Lombok culture and heritage
  • Traditional Games to foster interaction
  • Stand /booth selling sponsors’ product/merchandise


Target Audience

Local Lombok community
Indonesians from around the country
Music lovers from social media targeting
Tourists on summer vacation
Fans of performing artists